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"Breathe your way Home"
6 week online Breathwork & Meditation program
Every Tuesday from March 12th till April 23th

I'm happy to announce a soon to start 6 week online Breathwork & Meditation journey called 'Breathe your way Home' 

Every week we will come together to practice breathwork and meditate. During our gathering we start with 1 pranayama to regulate the nervous system and to find a sense of calm and groundedness. We continue with between 15-30 min. of deep circulair breathwork to create inner space, improve health and vitality, give space to blocked or unprocessed emotions, and shift our attention from the storytelling-mind to the actual direct 'raw' experience; the truth of Being with what Is. After breathing we will sit in meditation - remembering What we are beyond stories; unbound timelessness of Being.





Program content 

It has shown so clearly that doing breathwork is a very effective way to drop into deep effortless meditation - our natural State. Being one with the silent bliss of Being is very powerful because it cuts through all the limiting beliefs, convictions of separation, and judgements. Remembering what we have always been, and can never not Be. Being Home in the Heart. 

After breathwork and meditation there will be some space to share experiences. The whole session will take about 75 - 90min. 


Besides our weekly gathering, this program is also meant to be an inspiration to make it into a tapas: practice for 6 weeks on a daily basis. The invitation is to do breathwork daily for 15min. to ancher yourself in your True Nature and live from here. Doing this for 1.5 month can be truly helpful in cases of lethargy, overthinking, depression, feeling uninspired, lack of energy and clarity, feeling lonely or separate, or the wish to be more aware of the Natural peaceful State. Every week has a specific theme we breathe with and contemplate.


Each session will be recorded so if you miss a session you can still do the practice in your own time. 


Feel warmly welcome to join this inner journey to remember the Self! 

Tuesday from 19.30h-20.45h (CET) 

12, 19, 26 March & 9, 16, 23 April 2024
(2nd of April free) 

Investment for 6 weeks: € 99,-



"I really like the vibe Rolandjan created in the meditation course, really relaxed and allowing whatever happens, Rolandjan is a good example to inspire us to go deep inside of ourselves in a simple and natural way. I also liked the way that he adapts each session according to the energy of the group, and the way Rolandjan felt each of us, his sensitivity, makes the sessions special. His presence inspires and motivates to go deep into the heart"

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