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Taj Mahal

Mystical India Journey
9-19 October 2024 (2 spots left)

Join us for a deep dive into the heart of spiritual India, the motherland of Yoga.


If you are curious about the mystical rituals and wonders of India, interested in the deep wisdom behind yoga, open to spiritual growth and awakening and willing to look at the world from a different perspective, this is absolutely your journey.

Also (and maybe especially) when you are “not a group traveler”.

You will be mesmerised by the depth and beauty of this 11-day pilgrimage.

We will visit four of the main pilgrimage places in North India: Rishikesh, Haridwar, Varanasi and Vrindavan. Each one of them has a specific value

and we tune into a different paths of yoga in each area. We will investigate the relevance of Hatha Yoga (meditative asana practice), Advaita Vedanta (teachings of non-duality) & Self Inquiry, Jnana Yoga (study of sacred scriptures), Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion to Love/God).

We have daily yin & yang yoga, breathwork & pranayama, philosophy sessions, and practice meditation on the banks of the sacred Ganges. We will meet sadhu’s (true spiritual devotees), visit ancient temples, meditate in sacred Himalayan caves and dive deep into the wonders of Yogic India—most of them off the beaten tourist track.

Every day of this 11 day journey has a different theme to contemplate and share about. Themes such as Self Inquiry (Who Am I?), Meditation, Silence, Death, Surrender & Gratitude. 

Traveling with us will make you feel safe, comfortable and provided with anything you need. Transport, accommodation and meals are all arranged by us so you can totally surrender to the experience. The traveling schedule is pretty intense but there will be enough time for peaceful reflection and to let our experiences sink in. We sleep in beautiful places with an authentic an Indian atmosphere. The climate in October in Northern India is quite pleasant, around 25C (Celsius) daytime and 15C nighttime in Rishiskesh and a little warmer in Varanasi. 


Day 1: Dehli (1 night)

You will be welcomed at the airport with the driver of your taxi and transfer to Zorba the Buddha; a very peaceful, somewhat hidden, Osho-inspired tropical oasis in Delhi. The next morning we take a train at 6.30 AM.


Day 2-5: Rishikesh (4 nights)

We travel by train in 5 hours from Delhi and continue by car to Rishikesh. We arrive at 13.00 at High Bank in Tapovan, a laid-back area next to the rumourous center. During our stay in Rishikesh we will practice yoga & breathwork on beautiful spots, attend puja’s (sacred rituals) and take sacred dips in the Ganges. We will meditate in a special cave where the sage Vashishta meditated and do a 4-hour raft on the spectacular Ganges river. There will be one day off-program in Rishikesh.


Day 6: Haridwar

In the afternoon we travel back to Haridwar and attend an impressive ancient evening ritual at the Ganges. Haridwar lies at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a famous pilgrimage place that means “Doorway to God”. In the evening time we take the night train to Varanasi.


Day 7-8: Varanasi (2 nights)

We arrive in our beautiful hotel (with fabulous kitchen) in Varanasi in the early afternoon. Varanasi is the most ancient city on earth. We will explore the river ghats and visit the burning grounds by boat. We make a sunrise boatride in serene silence. We practise yoga and visit some of the main Shiva temples. We stay two nights in Varanasi. On the second day we make an excursion to Sarnath, the place where Gautama the Buddha gave his first teaching after his Awakening. On the last evening we take the night train to Agra.


Day 9-10: Agra & Vrindavan (1 night)

We will arrive around sunrise and take a little boat to peep at the Taj Mahal from the outside which is a magical experience. Later on there is the chance to visit Taj Mahal from the inside (that will be a few hours excursion) We have lunch in a very luxury hotel on our way to Vrindavan. In Vrindavan we’ll check in the MVT Ashram, a very nice Krishna place next to Iskon Tempel. We will vist some of the mystical temples of this amazing pilgrimage town, which is the birthplace of Krishna. We will visit Sadhus, walk a pilgrim route around the village and practice kirtan.


Day 11 Vrindavan

Morning time closing ceremony. Departure to Delhi.



€ 1449.- ALL INCLUSIVE ( 10 nights/ 11 days)


INCLUSIVE: daily yin & yang yoga, breathwork and meditation, excursions, three meals a day, all transport and accommodation and all entry fees.


EXCLUSIVE: flight (approx € 700,-), Visa (approx. € 40,-) and insurances.

What our participants of October 2023 have to share:

Mystical India Journey Testimonial Lucas
Mystical India Journey Testimonial Pascal

Your Guides

Arjuna and Rolandjan know each other for many years as dear friends that share common passions such as yoga, meditation and a great love for India. 

Arjuna van der Kooji

Arjuna van der Kooij works as an editor for Mandala Publising, a US based publisher on award winning yoga books. He authored “Myths of the Asana’s” and a few other books and edited many. He lived in India for 6 years, and is a long time practitioner of bhakti yoga and mantra meditation. He is the founder of 'The Bhakti Groove', an Amsterdam based kirtan group. 

Rolandjan van Mulligen

Rolandjan van Mulligen is a well known yoga & meditation teacher and breathwork coach. He is inspired by the teachings of non-duality (Advaita Vedanta) shared by teachers such as Ramana Maharshi, Mooji, and Adyashanti. He guides for many years individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, retreats and has been teaching for more than 15 years at well known yoga schools in Amsterdam, such as Delight Yoga and De Nieuwe Yogaschool.   

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How to sign up?

If you like to receive more information or just book your spot immediatly, you can send an email to or feel free to call Rolandjan at +316-3625 8493.

Spots are going really fast, so let us know soon if you want to be sure of your spot on this beautiful life-changing journey!

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